Julie jay photography
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Hey there,

I’m Julie- the super tall, fun and sarcastic face behind the camera. I am a lifestyle photographer currently living in Germany. I am originally from California and made my way here with my best friend (and husband) along with our daughter. I love to travel and I am OBSESSED with breathtaking locations, so Germany is definitely not a limitation.

Photography to me is a hobby, a job, a creative outlet, and a way for me to connect with people in the rarest of ways. When I’m not taking photos I’m usually watching The Office (fact) or listening to any true crime podcast. I also love shopping at IKEA and drinking hot chocolate on even the hottest of days.

I am always looking for new friends and if you agree with any or all of what I’ve said above I think there’s some serious potential for a pretty rad friendship.

Can’t wait to meet you.